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You may search for other phlebotomy options outside of the TravaLab network below. 

Disclaimer: Patients are responsible for their own draw fees, which are set forth by the individual phlebotomists and draw sites.  Some fees are higher than others thus, you may wish to call each of the options listed to determine which draw site or phlebotomist is right for you. While SpectraCell makes every effort to properly vet, train and maintain relationships with our network of preferred vendors,  please know that these draw sites and phlebotomists are independent contractors and are not employed or paid by SpectraCell.  All services, payments, and liabilities are exclusively between the patient and the blood draw service provider.  SpectraCell assumes no responsibility related to the collection or handling of your specimen(s).  If you have an unpleasant or unprofessional experience with one of our preferred vendors, please let us know by writing to us so that we may determine whether the vendor should remain on our list of available options. 


We strongly advise patients to call the draw site of your choice ahead of time to confirm availability and pricing. 

**Blood draws for SpectraCell Testing are not permitted in the state of New York.**

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