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Our clinical education team is committed to providing the latest resources for the medical community. These webinars are designed to help you understand the clinical utility and interpretation of SpectraCell's broad array of disease management solutions.

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Patterns on the Micronutrient Test: Red Flags for Hidden Toxins and Pathogens

Bernarda Zenker, M.D. 
Thursday July 19, 2018 - 7PM CDT

Learning Ojectives:

  • Possible nutrient deficiencies that may be caused by specific hidden pathogens
  • Nutrients that are linked with specific environmental toxins
  • Understand sequential, secondary nutrient deficiencies that may be caused by toxins and pathogens

Bernarda Zenker, MD

Bernarda Zenker, M.D., is a board-certified family physician through the American Board of Family Medicine. She received her M.D. from Louisiana State University (New Orleans), and completed her Family Medicine Residency in Oklahoma City. Dr. Zenker completed the Andrew Weil Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from The University of Arizona. She is an active member of the Institute for Functional Medicine. In May of 2010, she opened her own independent medical clinic, Trinity Integrative Medicine, in Burnsville, MN. Dr. Zenker incorporates nutritional therapies when possible in conjunction with Western medicine in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, for a personalized approach to patient care. She has extensive experience with non-Western modalities (alternative and complementary) in addition to her 20 years of family practice experience. She routinely utilizes neurobiological nutrient testing, methylation genetic testing, and lipoprotein particle testing to assess patient health.



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Nutritional Relationships in Disease: The Missing Link in Your Patient's Path to Wellness

Ron Grabowski, RD, DC

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