SpectraCell Laboratories | Webinar- Clinical Applications of MTHFR Genomic Testing

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Clinical Applications of MTHFR Genomic Testing

Presented by Bridget Briggs, MD


Learning Objectives:

  • Methylation processes in the body
  • The function of MTHFR and the common polymorphisms found in 40% of Americans
  • The links between the common polymorphisms in MTHFR and risks involving cardiovascular disease, thromboembolic disease, irritable bowel, depression, memory agility, autoimmunity, poor detoxification, infertility, PMS, insomnia, and many other disorders
  • Treatment for patients with common polymorphisms including L-5 MTHF, Methylcobalamin, B6, Trimethylglycine, inositol, and other key nutrients
  • Case Study Review

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