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April 2009 - Volume 3, Issue 04


In this issue...

- Folic acid and CoQ10 improve endothelial function

- Fertile men have higher zinc

- Fracture prevention with vitamin D is dose dependent

- Omega-3, vitamin C and zinc may ease childhood asthma

- Biotin may alleviate metal allergies



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CLINICAL UPDATE - Folic acid and CoQ10 improve endothelial function

23 statin-treated diabetics were given oral Coenzyme Q10 for three months and showed significant improvement in endothelial function. Similarly, a meta-analysis of twelve folic acid trials on hypertensive patients showed that folic acid supplementation can lower blood pressure via improved endothelial function.

(Diabetes Care, Feburary 2009)

(Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, March 2009)


Link to ABSTRACT: Coenzyme Q10 Improves Endothelial Dysfunction in Statin-Treated Type 2 Diabetic Patients.

Link to ABSTRACT: High-dose folic acid supplementation effects on endothelial function and blood pressure in hypertensive patients: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials.




CLINICAL UPDATE - fertile men have higher zinc

Researchers measured the zinc levels in the semen of 36 fertile men and compared them to zinc levels of 36 infertile men and found that seminal zinc correlated significantly with sperm count and normal sperm morphology.

(Nutrition Research, February2009)

Link to ABSTRACT: Zinc levels in seminal plasma are associated with sperm quality in fertile and infertile men.




CLINICAL UPDATE - Fracture prevention with vitamin D is dose dependent

A meta-analysis of twenty randomized controlled trials on more than 80,000 patients showed the dose of vitamin D makes a huge difference in its ability to prevent non-vertebral fractures, reducing them by 20% in older people when administered at an appropriate dosage.  This combined with recent data on vitamin D levels suggest that current recommendations for vitamin D supplementation are too low.

(Archives of Internal Medicine, March 2009)

(Archives of Internal Medicine, March 2009)

Link to ABSTRACT: Prevention of nonvertebral fractures with oral vitmamin D and dose dependency: a meta- analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Link to ABSTRACT: Demographic differences and trends of vitamin D insufficiency in the US population, 1988-2004.




CLINICAL UPDATE - omega-3, vitamin c and zinc may ease childhood asthma

Study on 60 asthmatic children showed that a combination supplement containing omega-3, vitamin C and zinc may improve symptoms of asthma.

(Acta Paediatrica, April 2009)


Link to ABSTRACT: Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and Zn supplementation in asthmatic children: a randomized self-controlled study.




CLINICAL UPDATE - biotin may alleviate metal allergies

Scientists studies mice fed a biotin-deficient diet and found that biotin supplementation inhibited specific inflammatory markers associated with an allergy to nickel.

(Journal of Nutritionn, May 2009)

Link to ABSTRACT: Biotin status affects nickel allergy via regulation of interleukin-1beta production in mice.