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2012 J Assist Reprod Genet

Vitamin E effect on controlled ovarian stimulation of unexplained infertile women.

2009 J Clin Endocrinol Metab

Correlation of telomere length and telomerase activity with occult ovarian insufficiency.

2009 Reprod Fertil Dev

Telomeres and reproductive aging.

2008 Fertil Steril

Evaluation of the relationship between follicular fluid oxidative stress, ovarian hormones, and response to gonadotropin stimulation

2008 Fertil Steril

Lipid peroxidation and vitamin E in serum and follicular fluid of infertile women with peritoneal endometriosis submitted to controlled ovarian hyperstimulation: a pilot study

2008 Fertil Steril

Use of multivitamins, intake of B vitamins, and risk of ovulatory infertility

2008 Hum Reprod Update

Oxidative stress and antioxidants: exposure and impact on female infertility

2008 J Pineal Res

Oxidative stress impairs oocyte quality and melatonin protects oocytes from free radical damage and improves fertilization rate

2008 Placenta

Vitamins C and E Inhibit Apoptosis of Cultured Human Term Placenta Trophoblast

2007 Hum Reprod Update

Impact of folate and homocysteine metabolism on human reproductive health

2007 Hum Reprod Update

The importance of folate, zinc and antioxidants in the pathogenesis and prevention of subfertility


2007 J Reprod Immunol

Antioxidant activity of N-acetylcysteine, flavonoids and alpha-tocopherol on endometrial cells in culture

2006 Fertil Steril

Oxidative stress in an assisted reproductive techniques setting

2006 Fertil Steril

Role of total antioxidant capacity in the differential growth of human embryos in vitro

2006 Hum Reprod Update

Nutrition and reproduction in women.


2006 J Soc Gynecol Investig

Female infertility and free radicals: potential role in adhesions and endometriosis

2006 Lancet

Effect of B vitamins and genetics on success of in-vitro fertilisation: prospective cohort study

2005 Chem Immunol Allergy

Oxidative stress and autoimmune response in the infertile woman

2005 Reprod Biol Endocrinol

Fundamental roles of reactive oxygen species and protective mechanisms in the female reproductive system


2004 Indian J Pediatr

Role of trace elements zinc, copper and magnesium during pregnancy and its outcome

2004 J Reprod Med

A nutritional supplement for improving fertility in women: a pilot study

2001 Mol Biol Cell

Telomere dysfunction triggers developmentally regulated germ cell apoptosis.


1998 Reprod Nutr Dev

Effects of maternal ageing and dietary antioxidant supplementation on ovulation, fertilisation and embryo development in vitro in the mouse

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