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Serum vs. Intracellular Deficiency

2018 Am J Clin Nutr

Exploring the concept of functional vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy: impact of the interaction between 25-hydroxyvitamin D and parathyroid hormone on perinatal outcomes

2018 Ann Clin Biochem

Improved testing for vitamin B12 deficiency: correcting MMA for eGFR reduces the number of patients classified as vitamin B12 deficient.

2017 Am J Pyschiatry

Neurometabolic Disorders: Potentially Treatable Abnormalities in Patients With Treatment-Refractory Depression and Suicidal Behavior.

2017 J Nutr

Riboflavin Deficiency in Rats Decreases de novo Formate Production but Does Not Affect Plasma Formate Concentration.

2017 Nutr Rev
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2015 Eur J Clin Nutr

Functional cobalamin (vitamin B12) deficiency: role of advanced age and disorders associated with increased oxidative stress.

2015 Nutr Res

Zinc supplementation reduced DNA breaks in Ethiopian women.

2015 Nutrition

Lymphocyte vitamin C levels as potential biomarker for progression of Parkinson's disease.

2013 Clin Nutr

Erythrocyte selenium concentration as a marker of selenium status.

2012 Am J Clin Nutr

Quantitative data on the magnitude of the systemic inflammatory response and its effect on micronutrient status based on plasma measurements.

2011 Am Fam Physician

Update on vitamin B12 deficiency.

2011 Am J Clin Nutr

Executive summary--Biomarkers of Nutrition for Development: Building a Consensus.

2009 Diabetes Res Clin Pract

Serum and intracellular magnesium deficiency in patients with metabolic syndrome--evidences for its relation to insulin resistance.

2009 J Nutr Biochem

Choline status is not a reliable indicator of moderate changes in dietary choline consumption in premenopausal women.

2009 Pract Neurol

Functional vitamin B12 deficiency.

2008 Am J Clin Nutr

Relation between pyridoxal and pyridoxal phosphate concentrations in plasma, red cells, and white cells in patients with critical illness.

2008 Proc NT Chap Am Coll Surg

Preoperative micronutrient deficiency in morbidly obese patients.

2007 Biol Trace Elem Res

Effect of various clinical variables on total intracellular magnesium in hospitalized normomagnesemic diabetic patients before discharge.

2007 Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi

Study on the correlation of serum folate and red blood cell folate level with birth defects and unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss.

2006 Iran J Allergy Asthma Immunol

Low magnesium concentration in erythrocytes of children with acute asthma

2005 Acta Cardiol

Status of intracellular and extracellular magnesium concentration in patients with cardiac syndrome X.

2005 Clin Biochem

Measurement of intracellular vitamin C levels in human lymphocytes by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

2005 Clin Chem

Determination of coenzyme Q10 status in blood mononuclear cells, skeletal muscle, and plasma by HPLC with di-propoxy-coenzyme Q10 as an internal standard.


2004 Am J Geriatr Psychiatry

Homocysteine and B vitamins relate to brain volume and white-matter changes in geriatric patients with psychiatric disorders.

2004 Diabetes Care

Lymphocyte and plasma vitamin C levels in type 2 diabetic patients with and without diabetes complications.


2004 Herz 

Relationship between the degree of intracellular magnesium deficiency and the frequency of chest pain in women with variant angina.

2004 Scientific World Journal

Metabolism of mycotoxins, intracellular functions of vitamin B12, and neurological manifestations in patients with chronic toxigenic mold exposures. A review.

2003 Am Fam Physician

Vitamin B12 deficiency.


2003 J Nutr

Biomarkers of trace mineral intake and status


2002 Clin Chem Acta

Coenzyme Q10 in plasma and erythrocytes: comparison of antioxidant levels in healthy probands after oral supplementation and in patients suffering from sickle cell anemia.

2001 Clin Chem Lab Med

Homocysteine, cystathionine, methylmalonic acid and B-vitamins in patients with renal disease.

2001 Dialysis & Transplantation

Normalization of homocysteine in dialysis patients by directed repletion, with apparent reduction of access thrombosis.

2000 Minerva Med

Changes in intracellular calcium and magnesium ions in the physiopathology of the fybromyalgia syndrome

 1995 Lancet

Effects of vitamin B12, folate, and vitamin B6 supplements in elderly people with normal serum concentrations.

1994 Am J Clin Nutr

Prevalence of cobalamin deficiency in the Framingham elderly population.


1993 Am J Clin Nutr

Metabolic evidence that deficiencies of vitamin B-12 (cobalamin), folate, and vitamin B-6 occur commonly in elderly people.


1988 Arch Intern Med

Magnesium metabolism. A review with special reference to the relationship between intracellular content and serum levels.

1981 Proc Nutr Soc

Red cell enzyme test of vitamin status: do marginal deficiencies have any physiological significance?


1979 Pathology

Interpretation of serum and red cell folate results.  A comparison of microbiological and radioisotopic methods.

1977 Int J Vitam Res

The validity of biochemical assessment of thiamine, riboflavin and folacin nutriture.

1975 Am J Clin Nutr

Serum and erythrocyte folates in combined iron and folate deficiency.


1966 J Clin Pathol

Method of assay of red cell folate activity and the value of the assay as a test for folate deficiency.