A New Push for Telehealth: How Healthcare Providers are Optimizing Virtual Care

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A New Push for Telehealth: How Healthcare Providers are Optimizing Virtual Care

Telehealth has become increasingly important in ensuring the safety of patients and physicians worldwide, while maintaining access to healthcare under challenging circumstances where in-patient visits may be limited. If you’re considering adopting telehealth into your practice, we’re here to help!

SpectraCell cares about our customers and their ability to continue serving the needs of their patients and communities, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you get started offering the same level of care – virtually.


Getting Started with Telehealth


The Benefits of Telehealth


  • Increased Access: Telehealth can overcome barriers to health services like the distance between patient and provider, access to reliable transportation, and fragmentation of care due to a lapse in time between appointments. Telehealth is also particularly beneficial for patients in areas where specialized provider shortages exist.
  • Cost Efficiencies – Reducing or containing the cost of healthcare is one of the most important reasons for funding and adopting telehealth technologies. Telemedicine has been shown to reduce the cost of healthcare and increase efficiency through better management of chronic diseases, shared health professional staffing, reduced travel times, and fewer or shorter hospital stays.
  • Convenience: With telehealth, you are no longer constrained by a physical location and can easily connect with patients as long as you have a secure internet connection and a camera for your device.
  • Improved Quality: Studies conducted over the last decade indicate that the quality of healthcare services delivered via telemedicine are as good those given in traditional in-person consultations. While telehealth should support, not necessarily replace, traditional care delivery, providers can still provide the flexibility and convenience of seeing patients remotely for follow ups or in circumstances where in-person visits are limited.


Understanding Telehealth Regulations:

While states are largely responsible for drafting their own laws for regulating the use and access of telehealth, the legislative picture is gradually becoming more favorable for the remote healthcare model. At present, there is no blanket information we can provide that would be accurate across the board. However, we’ve compiled a list of resources you can use to understand what the regulatory landscape looks like for telehealth services in your state.


eVisit State Telemedicine Legislation – A virtual map that provides an in-depth look at state legislation.

American Telemed’s State Policy Resource Center and State Toolkits – A detailed reporting of all proposed and ratified telehealth regulations and policies on a state by state basis. Policies are tracked in real-time so you will always have the most up to date information.

CCHPCA State Laws and Reimbursement Policies and their State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies PDF (April 2017) – This resource also you to stay up to date on all Telehealth laws, policies, regulations, and Medicare/Medicaid programs state by state.

Medicare Telemedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet



It’s important to remember that as a provider, you must look at state policy for both the state where you are practicing and the state your patient will be in at the time of service, if different.


Understanding Telehealth Billing:

We’ve rounded up additional resources to help you learn more about specific reimbursement policies.

CCHPCA State Laws and Reimbursement Policies and their State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies PDF (April 2017)


American Telemed’s State Policy Resource Center and State Toolkits

Medicare Telehealth Payment Eligibility Analyzer

Telemedicine Billing Made Easy

We advise you to check with specific payors before submitting claims. Insurance companies have their own specific requirements when it comes to accepting telehealth claims.


Technology Requirements:


  • Computer, phone, or tablet with integrated speaker, microphone, and camera
  • External microphone if your device does not have a high quality one already installed
  • External camera if your device does not have a high quality one integrated
  • Headphones if your device does not have high quality speakers integrated or if you prefer more privacy
  • A secure, high-speed internet connection


Although Wi-Fi is compatible with most telehealth platforms, if possible, we suggest using a wired ethernet cord for a more stable connection. If your device does not have an ethernet port, you can purchase an ethernet adapter to switch to a wired connection.

Pre-Session Prep:

Check out this helpful infographic to help you prepare for your telehealth session. 

Here’s our list of top HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platforms:

Doxy.MeFree for limited services

Simple Practice - $39/mo

TheraNest - $38/mo

Mendadvertises $69/mo but must call for a quote

ERM/EHR with built-in telehealth platform:

Advanced MD



Marketing Your Telehealth Service:

Once you're ready to offer your telehealth services, it's time to start advertising to find remote clients. Below are some easy ways you can promote your services - at no cost

  • Have a Facebook page? - Announce your services on your timeline. You can even boost your post for a nominal fee to reach a greater audience beyond your followers. 
  • Send an email campaign - If you already use an email marketing platform like Constant Contact or Mailchimp, this should be easy!
  • Website - Post an announcement on the homepage of your website


As a reminder, SpectraCell is here for you and ready to serve your needs.


In addition to our testing, we can provide the following services:

  • Electronic requisitions – We can help with creating an electronic requisition so that you can send to your patients digitally. Patients will have to print requisitions to include in their test kit. 
  • Drop-ship test kits – You have the ability to drop-ship test kits directly to patients through our Provider Gateway. You may also contact your rep to assist in utilizing this option.
  • Phlebotomy – We understand it may not be possible to serve all patients during this challenging time. We offer additional support through mobile phlebotomy. Patients can find a mobile phlebotomist or draw site convenient to them by utilizing our online search tool. We recommend calling the collection site ahead of time to schedule an appointment.
  • Marketing materials – We have a plethora of patient-friendly materials available through our Provider Gateway that can be shared digitally with your customers.
  • Clinical Consultations – Our team of clinical experts are available exclusively to active clients of SpectraCell and are happy to assist with report interpretation and any clinical questions you might have. Ordering clients can schedule a consult here


SpectraCell’s Micronutrient Test


A Powerful Tool for Assessing Immune Function Amid COVID-19








Our clinical experts can assist in helping you understand:

  • Functional intracellular testing is an assessment of cell-mediated immune function
  • How to interpret the Lymphocyte Proliferation Index (LPI)
  • Nutrition and immune function relationships
  • Interpreting test results
  • Clinical application of test results

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Telehealth support for every stage of the testing process

A warm thank you to all the healthcare providers working to help people through this. We’re grateful for your dedication. As you navigate the challenges ahead, you can count on our full support.

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