Can Healthy T Cell Function Improve Vaccine Efficacy?

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Can Healthy T Cell Function Improve Vaccine Efficacy?


Although it may be too early to say, some scientists suggest the answer is yes.  In a recent editorial in a vaccine focused medical journal, some argue that the time is ripe for a “T-cell focused approach” to vaccine development.  Historically, vaccine development focuses on antibody production (B-cells) against viruses, but overwhelming research on the human immune response to SARS-CoV2 points to T-cell function as the main driver of lasting immunity. 

According to the editorial, “T cell responses are known to protect against severe infection and re-infection in animal coronavirus models.” 

Further, T cell memory, which can be generated by vaccination, is known to protect against severe viral diseases. 

In other words, a healthy T cell may be the key to immunity, regardless of whether the immunity originates from vaccination or infection.

As vaccination efforts increase, promoting healthy T cells is key.  To quantify T cell function can be the first step to improving T cell function.  Spectracell measures T-cell function in a test called Immunidex.

(Expert Review of Vaccines, September 2020)

LINK to EDITORIAL Exploit T cell Immunity for Rapid, Safe and Effective COVID-19 Vaccines.