Success Story for Micronutrient & Telomere Testing

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Success Story for Micronutrient & Telomere Testing

Executive Medicine of TexasRecently, Dr. Walter Gaman of the Executive Medicine of Texas, recommended to a renowned supermodel, who recently overcame cancer, to start taking care of her body from the inside out.  He recommended some “cutting edge tests” within their Platinum Executive Physical which includes, “exams from micronutrient testing to telomere analysis which reveals your real age on a cellular level.”  

This is a great example of a physician and patient taking charge of their health by using SpectraCell's micronutrient and telomere testing.  She was very happy with her physical and, "…when [she] learned [she] had hypothyroidism and anemia and a few vitamin deficiencies, it was actually a relief to learn what was causing [her] to feel tired and to be able to address the issues and fix them. [She] now has homework to pump it up nutritionally and to implement changes in [her] physical level to achieve [her] personal best.”

Read the article here: “Supermodel Emme and Executive Medicine of Texas Join Forces to Urge Americans to Take Charge of their Health”

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