The Role of Micronutrients in Breast Health

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The Role of Micronutrients in Breast Health

Micronutrients and Breast HealthStart with the right building blocks...

Prevention is not simply earlier diagnosis. True prevention starts with your body's foundation - micronutrients.

The role of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in cancer prevention are many - repairing cellular damage in breast tissue, preventing genetic mutations, killing pre-cancerous cells before they multiply and maintaining healthy hormonal balance. Evaluating micronutrient status on the cellular level is where true prevention occurs.

Micronutrients and Breast HealthEvery Woman is Biochemically Unique

Each woman is biochemically unique, and several factors affect her personal nutritional needs - age, lifestyle, metabolism, prescription drug usage, past and present illnesses, absorption rate, genetics and more.

SpectraCell's micronutrient testing measures 33 vitamins and minerals in your body and goes even further - it measures functional, long-term levels within the cell, and evaluates how well your body actually utilizes each nutrient - a more useful measure than the one-size fits all approach to nutrition.

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B Vitamins and Breast Tissue

B vitamins, especially folic acid, can prevent mutations in breast tissue which eventually become carcinogenic. They may also reduce tumors on women with existing breast cancer.

Micronutrients and Breast HealthThe Hormone - Nutrient Connection

Minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and metabolites interact closely with hormones. Improving estrogen metabolism, which is highly dependent on the availability of specific nutrients, reduces risk of many hormone related cancers, including breast cancer.

Research shows that hormone replacement therapy affects minerals such as calcium, copper, chromium, magnesium, selenium and zinc, while reducing important antioxidants like coenzyme Q10 which is needed for heart health. Adequate vitamin D and calcium levels can lower breast cancer risk by more than 70%.

The Micronutrient Test is for YOU

Just one micronutrient deficiency may compromise your ability to fight cancer at the cellular level and several nutrients are critical for maintaining healthy breast tissue. SpectraCell provides a comprehensive nutritional profile specific to YOU. The micronutrient test empowers you and your doctor to correct deficiencies, strengthening your body's foundation for a lifetime of wellness.

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Micronutrient Testing and Breast Health