Introducing SpectraCell's Cooperative Marketing Program

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Introducing SpectraCell's Cooperative Marketing Program

Cooperative Marketing Program2 resized 600SpectraCell has now released a new version of their cooperative marketing program package.  Patients are increasingly researching health products and services and s a benefit to our network of physicians, we have consistently developed new materials to support marketing and patient education. We have now finalized a program with many enhanced features.

  • Direct mail postcards are now available for clients to order online. This will allow for a streamlined order process and more mail options for our clients, including purchasing lists and sending their postcards 1st class!
  • Letter templates will be available for clients to use versus having to craft their own. We still offer the option for clients to create their own letter as well.
  • Our website development package is intended to assist clients in expanding their practice's website. This package includes standard images, logos, popular patient education tools and verbiage that can be used on their websites.
  • Support for client's events is now available.  These materials include personalized invitations, postcard promotion and email campaigns.
  • Other client product tools - Surveys and various promotion and educational product tools.

We hope the new cooperative marketing program we have designed will be beneficial. 

In your practice, what resources are beneficial to you, your practice and/or your patients?

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