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Category: methylation test

Does SpectraCell Measure Vitamin Toxicity in Blood?

SpectraCell’s MicroNutrient Test reports your nutrient deficiencies, but can it tell you if you are at risk for taking too much of a supplement?  The short answer here is YES and NO, but it deserves elaboration.      There is a difference between taking too much of a supplement and vitamin toxicity.   SpectraCell does not report vitamin toxicity, at least not directly.   SpectraCell measures vitamin deficiency.   That said, people should... Read More
at Monday, March 27, 2023

Is Methylation Good or Bad?

Is Methylation Good or Bad?  Hint: like nutrients, it's all about balance. This is actually a trick question - the answer is NEITHER.  It depends on what is being methylated.  Biochemically speaking, methylation is the process of adding or removing a methyl group – which is a single carbon attached to three hydrogens – to a molecule.  It is a simple chemical reaction that can totally alter the biology of a person – for better or worse – depe... Read More
at Friday, March 10, 2023