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Could Vitamin K Deficiency Increase COVID-19 Complications?

  Consider this—over 8000 medical papers on COVID-19 have been published in 2020 alone—the majority of which have been published just in March and April. As the amount of clinical data grows, we will learn more nuanced aspects of this novel pandemic—one of which will be how micronutrient status may impact COVID-19.  In a recently e-published paper, a team from the Netherlands studied the level of vitamin K in over a hundred people admitted to the hospital... Read More
Posted by Nichole Herms at Monday, May 4, 2020

Feeling Fabulous or Fatigued? (Hint – it’s all in your cells!)

Cellular health – whether referring to brain cells, bone cells, or fat cells – impacts the health of the entire body. Health issues may arise and manifest differently for each person depending on one’s unique biochemistry. Some common examples of these manifestations include excess weight, headaches, and dry skin, driven by poor cellular metabolism. Quite literally, health and wellness begin at the cellular level.  A paradigm shift in women’s healthcare is happening right now. ... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Wednesday, March 29, 2017