Micronutrient Health Blog | SpectraCell Laboratories - February 2013

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Nutrition Correlation Chart on ADHD

  Antioxidant StatusOxidative imbalance is prevalent in ADHD patients and likely plays a causative role; Deficiency of glutathione common in ADHD.3,4,5,6 FolateLow folate status in pregnancy linked to hyperactivity in children; People with the MTHFR (methyl tetrahydrafolate reductase) gene are predisposed to folate deficiency and more likely to have ADHD.1,2 Vitamin B6Evidence suggests high dose supplementation of B6 is as effective as Ritalin for ADHD, probably due to its role in raisin... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SpectraCell's Nutritional Correlation Chart on Autism

Vitamin D - High dose vitamin D therapy reversed autistic behaviors in severely deficient children; Maternal vitamin D deficiency may predispose children to autism.3,4,5 Vitamin A - One cause of autism may be a defect in a retinoid receptor protein (G-alpha protein) which is critical for language processing, attention and sensory perception; Evidence suggests natural vitamin A fixes this protein defect in autistics.1,2 Folate - Oral folate therapy can resolve symptoms of autism in some cases,... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Wednesday, February 6, 2013