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SpectraCell's Clinical Updates - Volume 6, Issue 5

CLINICAL UPDATE - COQ10 A NEW BIOMARKER FOR PARKINSON'S DISEASE?In this study, 22 patients with Parkinson’s Disease were compared to 88 age-matched controls that did not have Parkinson’s.  Functional levels of several antioxidants – coenzyme Q10, glutathione, selenium, vitamin E and lipoic acid – were measured using SpectraCell’s micronutrient testing.  A deficiency of CoQ10 occurred in 32% of Parkinson’s patients while only 8% of controls were de... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Thursday, May 31, 2012

Archived Webinar: Managing the Aging Process

Presented by: Eva Cwynar, M.D.Topics of Discussion: Diagnostic tools and lifestyle changes for Age Management How to maximize the body now to prevent fatigue and chronic disease Revealing your cellular age – How to manage aging from the inside out Testing for uncertainty – when a patient “just doesn’t feel right” Click HERE to listen to the webinar and download the presentation slides Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SpectraCell's Clinical Updates - Volume 6, Issue 4

CLINICAL UPDATE - SELENIUM: KNOW IF YOU HAVE TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THINGAn exhaustive review of the benefits selenium has on human health emphasizes that there is a definite “U-shaped link with status.”  The paper epitomizes the philosophy that more-is-not-always-better for vitamins and minerals.  Although low selenium status has been linked to several diseases – heart disease, infertility, low immunity, poor cognitive function, thyroid disease and cancer – the ... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Monday, May 7, 2012