Micronutrient Health Blog | SpectraCell Laboratories - January 2012

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Understanding Obesity and Nutrition

In the past, obesity was understood in fairly simple terms: excess body weight resulting from eating too much and exercising too little. Obesity is now regarded as a chronic medical disease with serious health implications caused by a complex set of factors. Micronutrients and Obesity: Obesity is a complex, chronic disease involving multiple components. It is the second leading cause of preventable death in America, second only to cigarette smoking, and increase the risk of illness from over ... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Twist on a Common Supplement: Using Omega 3’s to Lower Homocysteine

Guest Blog by: Dr. Arland Hill (D.C.) Homocysteine continues to gain acceptance as a risk factor in a number of conditions.  Once thought to be associated with mostly cardiovascular disease, homocysteine is now recognized as a contributor to numerous states of dysfunction, including arthritis, cognitive decline, osteoporosis and many more.  Given the vast reaching effects of homocysteine, having an ideal treatment protocol in place to address elevations seems necessary, if not even ... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nutritional Considerations of ADHD & Autism

ADHD and AUTISM ON THE RISERecent years has seen an unprecedented rise in autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Although researchers speculate on the reason for this rise, many factors likely contribute, including more accurate diagnosis. However, overwhelming evidence suggests that nutritional deficiencies may be a contributing factor. OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS ARE KEYOur brain and nerves are composed mostly of fat. The most important of these are called omega-3 fatty acids a... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Monday, January 23, 2012

COMING SOON to a Lab Near You! Immunidex...

What Does the Immunidex Measure?A patient’s Immunidex score is one measurement to evaluate a person’s cell-mediated immune system performance. Specifically, it measures T-cell lymphocyte proliferation. Since immune function is a systemic measure of general health, a higher Immunidex score is generally desired since it means a person can respond efficiently not only to exogenous threats such as pathogens or allergens, but also to endogenous threats like tumors. The immune system, c... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Role of Micronutrients in Sports Medicine

SpectraCell has created an educational guide to discovering the important role micronutrients play in sports medicine.  In this guide, you will find information about: Individualized nutrition for the athlete Demand, synergy and balance of micronutrients Muscle recovery and fatigue Cellular energy production Minimizing oxidative stress Omega-3 fats for concussion protection Immunity and hormone regulation in the athlete Download a copy of this guide HERE. Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Monday, January 16, 2012

Can Nutrient Deficiencies Provide Insight into the Health of a Neuron and Your Brain?

Guest Blog by: Dr. Arland Hill (D.C.) Most of us are familiar with the saying use it or lose it.  Many times when individuals say this, they are likely referring to muscle tissue.  However, this saying is equally valid regarding the health of the brain and nervous tissue.  Since the brain has impact on every system in the body, keeping it healthy is of the utmost importance.  Doing so takes 3 key ingredients; energy, fats, and stimulation. While most probably don’t t... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Monday, January 9, 2012