Micronutrient Health Blog | SpectraCell Laboratories - November 2011

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Webinar - Nutritional Considerations of the Geriatric Patient

Presented by Ron Grabowski, R.D., D.C.What you will learn: Do you know which nutrients are most commonly deficient in the elderly? Nutrient - Drug Interactions commonly seen in the elderly How can certain nutrients support the immune system in the elderly? Case study review   Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Wednesday, November 30, 2011

YEAR END SPECIAL!!! Micronutrient & Telomere Testing

Medicine now recognizes that every patient is biochemically unique, and this individuality extends to a patient's nutritional needs. In fact, a person's unique genetic blueprint will influence their nutritional needs and likewise, their nutritional status often influences gene expression. By measuring their comprehensive nutritional status with SpectraCell's micronutrient testing, deficiencies of 33 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will be uncovered, thus allowing a targeted supplementatio... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Monday, November 21, 2011

Vitamin Mystery Solved at Seattle’s Vitality Medical Clinic

Guest Blog by: Vitality MediSpa and Medical Clinic How do you choose your vitamins? From unknown manufacturing processes to mystifying ingredients, trumped up labeling claims, and sponsored research studies, there are few topics quite as confusing as vitamin and mineral supplementation.Yet most Americans purchase vitamins and supplements one of two ways: either buying them in bulk at a local discount warehouse, or choosing the one with the best-sounding label off the pharmacy shelf.  Nei... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SpectraCell Addresses Recent Headlines Regarding Vitamin Supplements

Headlines on the possible risks of vitamin and mineral supplements have bombarded mainstream media recently, and sparked controversy over whether doctors should recommend supplements to their patients. SpectraCell’s micronutrient testing quashes these concerns. For the past 18 years, our testing indicates that over 90% of patients have functional micronutrient deficiencies, which compromise immune function and cause disease. Testing nutritional status allows an appropriate, individualized rep... Read More
Posted by Elissa Rodriguez at Thursday, November 10, 2011