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Clinical solutions for advanced health and wellness.

SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc., is a specialized clinical testing laboratory company providing solutions for personalized healthcare.  We are passionate about our business - and committed to our client practitioners and their patients. We believe that optimal individual nutritional status and advanced diagnostic tools are vital for promoting general health and preventing many specific diseases.
As medicine progresses in the pursuit of health and wellness, patient care is taking on a broader and deeper perspective. Our understanding of the importance of biochemical individuality and the role of subclinical deficiencies in chronic disease conditions continues to grow rapidly. It is the mission of SpectraCell Laboratories to provide the medical community with the information it needs to understand these developments and provide the diagnostic tools it requires to take full advantage of them.

 Our Clinical Education Center is one example of SpectraCell's commitment to providing physicians and patients with the latest in research and clinical information with regard to the role of nutrition, cardiovascular risk assessment and genetic analysis in the prevention and management of chronic disease conditions, as well as the achievement of optimal health.  In our journey to provide better solutions for optimal health, we will continue to develop additional tests while continuously maintaining our standards of high scientific quality.


Established in 1993, SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc. has been a pioneer in the field of functional micronutrient testing. The company commenced operations to commercialize a unique, proprietary blood test that measures lymphocyte growth and detects functional intracellular deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. These reflect each individual patient's metabolic processes and immune health.

SpectraCell's micronutrient testing technology was developed at the University of Texas in a research project conducted by the Clayton Foundation for Research, which received a patent to study the lymphocyte growth testing process and the culture medium used in the process. SpectraCell acquired the rights to an exclusive license of the patent from the Foundation, and our micronutrient testing became available to practitioners.

In 2006, we expanded our specialized offerings to include the Lipoprotein Particle Profile (LPP™), using patented ultracentrifugation technology invented at Texas A & M University. This test provides the most advanced assessment of cardiovascular risk. Our offering expanded again in 2014 to include complimentary tests for cardiovascular health, metabolic function, inflammation, and genetic predisposition. 

In the fall of 2017, SpectraCell was acquired by an international investment group. Our team is incredibly excited about this next phase in SpectraCell's journey. Through our dedication to research and development, we will continue to develop and introduce innovative diagnostic tests in the emerging fields of personalized functional medicine and chronic disease management.  We look forward to accelerating our growth strategy and expanding our market leader position in personalized nutritional testing. 

The SpectraCell team is committed to providing the highest standards of quality and service. We welcome and encourage you to visit us and tour our facilities!